General Handyman

Every home, office or commercial space has a long to-do list of small-to-medium-size repairs or maintenance. Those annoying little tasks that you never seem to have the time, patience or skills for. Modular furniture that needs assembling. A shelf to be installed. Art, fixtures or mirrors that just won’t hang themselves on the wall, no matter how hard you look at them.


Faucets that leak, toilets that run, and drains that won’t.

These are just some of the most common reasons home or business owners reach out to us for plumbing services help.


Is something in your home or business falling apart? Do you need carpentry repairs or a carpenter to install, replace or deliver exceptional craftsmanship on your next carpentry project? Are old doors in need of repair? I am a seasoned professional that loves working with wood, and we’ll do the job with equal measures of fine craftsmanship and professional efficiency.

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